Documentary Series


a documentary series by Claudia Richarz and Carl-Ludwig Rettinger

a LICHTBLICK FILM production
co-produced by WDR and arte

Running time: 5 x 26’

We accompany seven families to Spain for therapeutic treatment and learn what hopes the young patients and their parents and siblings have for the trip and the future.

Dolphin therapy is often not just a complimentary treatment option for handicapped children; for some families it offers the only hope of giving their child the physical and mental support it needs to improve. This type of work with dolphins has only been available in Europe for a couple of years now. The Dolfinarium in Benidorm, Spain even offers treatment free-of-charge, which the length of the waiting list reflects.

Branko Weitzmann is the only therapist in the world who is professional psychologist, physiotherapist and dolphin trainer in one. The tall, composed man treats his dolphins with as much respect and affection as he does the children; he never pushes anyone beyond a healthy limit.

director/DoP: Claudia Richarz
concept/production by: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
edition: Anika Simon
sound by: Thomas Sorig
narrator: Edda Fischer
Adrian Draschoff
graphic by:
Patricia Vatter/Manfred Schmidt
commissioning editor: WDR-Sabine Rollberg/Rolf Brinkmann
                                     arte-G.E.I.E. - Kornelia Theune/Anett Sager/André Schlegel

20. bis 24.Juni 2005, täglich um 20.15 Uhr in arte