Documentary Series


a documentary series by Gerhard Schick

a LICHTBLICK FILM production
commissioned by ZDF and arte

running time: 5 x 26’

Two thousand years after the birth of Christ and God’s shepherds have to spend more time fighting to maintain a flock at all then caring for its spiritual needs. Yet around 300 men and women a year in Germany still decide to take up the challenges of a pastoral calling. For many it is a true vocation, though their faith these days is not so much God-fearing as defined by the desire to do something positive for the congregation entrusted to them. But that’s easier said than done...

The five-part documentary series accompanies four young vicars from the Regional Rhenish Evangelical Church along the thorny path from the seminary to their first clerical postings.

writer/director/DoP: Gerhard Schick
producer: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
commissional editors: ZDF/ arte- Anne Even
editor: Anika Simon
sound/2nd Camera: Ute Haverkämper
narrator: Volker Risch